Just got this for build number 2


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Got this LPS body on Ebay recently, it just arrived today, Mahogany hollow body, nice and simple, the control knobs are placed a bit too close together but I think I will live with it, not much choice without some repairs which I dont think I am up to.  The neck to go on this is also on its way from Warmoth, not too far behind I hope, its an Indian rosewood with Ebony board, SS frets Warmoth style head.  I ordered the neck before I saw the body and had already ordered gold tuners, I might get a gold coloured bridge for this now but not sure about the colour.  I am thinking about P90s in this, but also undecided, a bit of homework to do but well on the way.  Sugestions and tips appreciated as always.
Nice body, although I found very weird the location of the pots  :icon_scratch:

P90 under HB size: everybody here say good things about the Rio Grande one... I have hear amazing things from the Bare Knuckle Mississippi Queen...
And still has the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat...

Gold hardware will be like a glove to this guitar!  :icon_thumright:
definitely gold hardware. Nice wood, too bad about the pot placement. Could be a great find nonetheless.
Yeah shame about the control placement but I will live with it no big deal, the gold hardware will look good on here?.  How easy is it to remove the bushings to replace them with the gold ones.  This body has the contoured heel , should it also have a neckpocket angle? how can I check this.

I would be bumping that selector switch every time I played, I'd have to do something, even just plug the hole with a... flat, round thing...  :icon_scratch: The rest of it I could live with easily, I do volume swells with a volume pedal not my pinky. There are some smaller knurly metal volume knobs available, 5/8" instead of 3/4" diameter, and a dizzying variety of plastic knobs outside of the Gibson/Fender diaspora. Knobs for rack gear and stompboxes are a lot smaller.... :glasses9:
Yeah I have been looking at the possibilites, and maybe I might try move the selector switch to where the mini toggle as I wont be neeeding it, and move the other Volume where the pickup selector is located, might end up just plugging the holes and redrilling, smaller knobs too would be good,  just dont want to mess it up too much and make it worse.
Yeah  - strange placement of the knobs by the previous owner  :icon_scratch:

Maybe replace two of the knobs with switches so it isn't so crowded? Tone switches - selecting on or off (engaging a  cap or not), or selecting two different values of caps?  Just a thought..

Definitely gold hardware.
I got some chickenhead knobs from this guy on Ebay, he's got a lot of knobs - I saw some 17mm X 17mm "Boss" stompbox knobs, but I didn't go through the whole thing:

Just search electronics and audio parts for "knobs" and you'll find a trove. A lot of active basses use tall, narrow knobs on their EQ sections too.
Thanks for the tips, appreciated. Cant wait to get the neck and start getting get this together.
If it were me I would just swap the bottom left knob for either the switch selector or the cord output. either way would be functional and look good.
WE will be the judge of what looks good!  :toothy11: :toothy11:  Let's see the new knobs...
Still unable to upload pics.

"Your attachment couldn't be saved. This might happen because it took too long to upload or the file is bigger than the server will allow" ,

I keep getting this error messsage even thought the pic I am trying to upload has been reduced to well under size allowed, any ideas, it worked fine unitl now. :icon_scratch:
Those knobs are a ton better; may save you from modding it. Looking forward to seeing this all finished.
Yeah I think so to:

I am thinking about p90s for this, maybe Gibson P94 + ? not too sure yet, as this body previously had humbuckers it has the 500k pots already installed, will I need to change these for the P90s, ?.
Someone told me that Gibson uses 500k pot for P90...
P90 under humbucker cover are made by Rio Grande, Bare Knuckle, Seymour Duncan and don't know each other, probably have more builders...
The best reviews I read was from R.G. and B.K.