Just curious, do you...

Bill in SC

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pick your neck, and then find a body for it, or do you first find your body, and then the neck? Personally, I like to find the neck first, and then go from there.  I know, another pointless question, but it's nice to see how other folks think.  :)
BB in SC
Usually body then neck, but some times the other way around, depends on what catches one's eye first....
I am one of those guys that works out the whole project in advance, than take another 2 or 3 months to completely change my plans again until I can no longer wait to order :)
I've had a flame maple Strat neck sitting here by the computer for 8 months. I'm still waiting for "THAT body" to jump out at me in the showcase.
Body first for me most of the time. Sometime though I'll see a neck that can't be passed up even if I haven't got a body for it.
Boy, I wish I had y'all's patience. Once I buy the first piece, it's like I become possessed to complete the task. I can't imagine a neck lying around for months!
BB in SC
First of all, I figure out what kind of project it has to be. My last project had to be 'extraordinary'! So: I chose all the rare woods on this guitar; koa, walnut, ziricote, macassar ebony. I already had korina and braz. rosewood  :confused4:

Well, I chose what wood had to go were, I emailed warmoth, and now its under construction. I have never bought a body or neck from the showcase (yet). I like 3 pickups, special woods, binding, special inlay, etc etc. the stuff you see in the showcase is cool, but just a way for me to figure out what I'm gonna make next ;)
Both times I bought the bodies from the showcase. Then I ordered the necks. I cannot find a single neck to match my requirements in the showcase. It's nice though I can see the body, both bodies are finished in clear gloss so grain patterns are important to me, weight too.
Weight is important to me too. I don't want a body to exceed 4 lbs, and not less than 3 lbs 4 ozs. Which will lead me to my next thread...
BB in SC
I first decide on the overall specs, then look for the bookmatched top and coordinating fretboard piece. beyond that it comes down to sizing blanks of the proper body and neck blank woods ... and then hitting the power tools

right now I wading thru wood selections to match-up to this top


and I'm currently leaning towards a gorgeous slab of Thai Rosewood heartwood - it has loads of rich brick red color without too much grain definition

all the best,

FANTASTIC QUILT SF!! I can hardly wait until you get to Charlotte and get that CNC up and running!!!!!!!!!!  :)
BB in SC
Damn. I saw that go up into the showcase earlier today, and I'm still stunned. Love the bookmatched spalt going on past the bridge there. Though I can't order a L5S from the showcase because I really really want BOTH f holes!
that is an amazazing piece of quilt! absolutely incredible!  :icon_thumright: :icon_thumright: straight from siskel and ebert baby! (and me of course!)
I usually order a body first. But by the time I do I have a fair idea about what the neck has to be.
georgious top on that body Gregg  :blob7:

one of the great joys of woodworking here in the PacNW is the readily available supply of select Alder ... and the ability to walk over to your neighbor's firewood pile and 'rescue' gorgeous pieces of wood like that.

and to think that I used to grumble about splitting Maple firewood as a kid because it had all those weird grain things that kept it from popping apart like Fir and Alder  :dontknow:

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