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Does anyone know if there is a huge difference between using a 250K volume pot vs a 1Meg volume pot?

K, there's definitely a difference, but I think I have to pose that question before asking my real question. Does anyone know if it's possible to have 2 different master volume options for a guitar? My idea is to have strat with some regular Fender single coil pickups and having a switch system where I could pick between 2 different volume pots, one being 250K, the other 1 Meg. Does anyone know if or how that could be done? I don't know if I'd even like the sounds, but just wonderin' if it can be done. Let me know what up.  :help:


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depends on you pickups!

a better alternative to you suggestion would be one pot of a high value and a resistor wired from hot to a switch and from the switch to ground. then you have one volume and you still can select between a different resistance to ground.

i've seen claims that adding a resistor to a pot on the 1 and 3 lugs to change it's value will change the taper but that makes zero sense. the ratio of resistance from hot to output and ground to output wont change the added resistor will just attenuate the guitar signal a bit.

i did something similar by using 2X 500k pots, one volume, one tone. #1 lug on the tone pot was soldered to ground like a volume, #2 went to hot from the switch an when a single coil on the guitar was selected #3 went to hot via the extra pole on the switch normally used to switch between tone controls on a strat. that gave 500k to ground for the humbucker and 250k to ground for the single coils. it may have changed the taper of the tone control but it's overall range and function are not affected, actually wireing a tone like a volume may increase it's range because the cap gets shorted and cant pass any highs to ground.

as for the size resistor you'd want parallel resistors decrease resistance, to figure it out you add the inverse of each and take the inverse of that. so 1/(1/1,000k + 1/Xk)= 250k
well i wont write it all out you need a 333K ohm resistor to get 250 when in parallel with a 1 meg.