Just a little help with a vintage bridge


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Hi guys, I just got the last package of all the parts I need for my build - the pickups, all the electrinics and hardware etc......

Unfortunaly I think I have dud unit with my Fender bridge. It is a genuine Fender gold 6 hole vintage but I am pretty sure the thread for the bar has been drilled at the wrong angle. The thred angle means the bar is tilted back about 10-15 degrees which means when the bar tip sits at about 45-50 degrees from the body. To me this seems extreme. On all the strat bridges I have owned before (a grand total of 2 on my squiers!) the thread for the bar has been drilled directly down into the block through the bridge plate so the bar shaft sits directly vertical when screwed in. I am sure this thread should not be at an angle, but as this is my first vintage bridge and there are other differing features to the bridges I am used to I thought I would as you lot.

I dont think I really explained that to well. Tell me if it makes sense. Do I need to bother taking a photo?

I really hope I am wrong because I have to send this unit back to the States from England to a company who took about 3 weeks to process my order!  :sad1:
Ok............. Seems my post was a little hard to understand so here is a photo. As you can see the arm is bent back at an angle. To me this seems extreme, is it a dud unit? I thought is wouls screw straight down and not at an angle like this.
They do default at an angle like that. If you don't like the angle, take it out of the bridge, put it in a vise and bend it to where you want the angle to be. DON'T try bending it while inserted into the bridge.
If it's a standard Fender, you can purchase another bar for bending and angle experiments... either from an authorized dealer, or find out the thread size (internet, or take it to a decent hardware store) and get one on Ebay or whatnot.
They're not at all steep.
Good point fellas. I had not thought about bending. I am hunting down an extra arm on ebay now.

I know how easy it is to snap the thread off in the hold Jack, so I will most certainly do the bending your way. :icon_thumright:
Hang on............... if not all bars are created equal, why would you angle thread and not just the bar? From Fender's point of view, surely a more versatile bridge is a vertical thread with various bent bars............