jimmy page wiring


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I've seen a few different "Jimmy Page" wirings out there. The wiring I have in view for my next build is quite similar, with a few extra voicings.

One of the differences I'm seeing is the location of the bridge volume/tone controls, sometimes they are wired in before the Series switch, sometimes after.

Wiring them in before the series switch would give more variety of colors you can dial in.
However that also means the bridge pup would be passing through two sets of volume and tone pots (when in series mode), which would probably result in a slightly more muffled tone.

Anyone have any comments on that? I guess I may have to try both and see which I prefer.

If you have a Jimmy Page (or similar) wiring, where are your bridge controls wired in, and do you like it that way?
I used this diagram:


the other one on the SD site didn't work right.

I'm very happy with it. It's got plenty of different tones. With mine, both pickups in series/in phase is loud but muffled, but I don't mind it. I just use some other tone if it does sound right to me hehehe ;) There are plenty to choose from. Depending on the amp settings it can sound good or bad. It depends.

I posted some clips in the LP forum... though none of them use the in series/in phase setting.
Thanks for the reply. Yeah, that looks pretty much identical to this one
which is for the JP signature model..
I'll probably do it a little different, as I prefer the epiphone style independent volume controls.
More along the lines of

Now, my guitar just needs to get here  :)