Jazz Deluxe 5 Inline tuners


Hi all, first post for me here!
Sorry for my bad English!
I’m building a jazz deluxe 5 fretless, while I wait my new neck and body I’m looking for the hardware...everything’s ok except for the machine heads.
My new neck will be drilled for gotoh g7 tuners (14mm) that have Y paghead but I’d like to have clover tuners on this build.
I found tuner that satisfy my idea (14mm and clover leaf heads) but I’m not sure if they will interfere each other!
Hope someone of you can understand what I’m trying to say and can help!
If you can supply the manufacturer and part number, perhaps someone can find the actual dimensions of the cloverleaf parts and compare to the Y-knob parts and predict whether the knobs will interfere with one another.
This are the tuners that should fit the 5inline:
The cloverleaf:
Someone appears to have used them here.  I believe Regenerate is the business name of a member of this board, SkuttleFunk, who has been largely inactive for several years.  You could try sending a private message to inquire.