Jazz Bass?



Getting ready to proceed with the Koa/Korina JB for brother ED, just one question about installing the pickups. Never put a bass together before, so...

Springs or foam? Both?

Please keep in mind that I am a complete and total nimrod.

Foam does for me, with some surgical tubing on the screws. The foam in the SD pickup boxes is ideal. Koa/Korina?  I gotta see that !! :blob7: pix pleeeze
I usually go with the foam from the pickup package too.  Rio Grande makes nice foam!

Thanks, I figured all that foam in the box o' Lollars was there for a reason. I'll work on pics, just keep in mind I'm a techno-dork.
I use foam in all of my builds that are not loaded with Dark Stars. springs work, but they are a real pain to keep everything together on the J-bass bridge p/u

all the best,

A true spring story: I had a G&L JB-2 that used little coil springs under the four screw ears on it's j-bass style pickups. If you would bonk the bass against something, or rap the bass with your knuckles, it would ring the springs like they were little bells....and being within the magnetic field of the pickups, you'd get the ring picked up and amplified! Very unmusical!

Music Man uses coil sorings under their pups. Wonder if they ever have this problem.

Oh....I put a little neoprene next to the spring to dampen them. End of problem.
I always use the foam that comes in the Rio Grande boxes. If you custom order the MM4 mount PowerBucker, it's so huge you don't need foam, just screw down flush in a std. Warmoth MM4 route