James Tyler "schmear" finishes


I'm curious if anyone knows how James Tyler gets the "schmear"  finishes on his guitars?

If you go here: http://www.tylerguitars.com/index2.html

click on guitars then click on studio elite then on SE HD you'll see the finishes I'm talking about.

I absolutely love the black and silver one. But have no idea how to achieve that type of finish.
The only think I can think of would be is to paint the guitar black and then dribble silver paint on it,
but I just don't think that would achieve what I'm seeing with JT's guitars.

Any ideas?

My best guess on the "schmear" finishes on that page is that he's painting the guitars with a flat black or white/ivory color, then literally smearing paint with rags, fingers in some cases, or on the black one just pouring a very thinned out silver down the front/back or going Jason Pollock on the body; probably using poly as a topcoat. Would be easier to see up close than from pics on web.
Go to ProjectGuitar.com and check out their tutorials.  You'll see a way to do those finishes with paint and a barrel of water.
Alright I just finished with the tutorial. I don't think I'll be attempting it any time soon.  :sad1:
For now I'll just have to keep admiring JT's guitars.

Thanks for all the help.

They're talking about oil paints, how advisable are those for a guitar finish? What would you clearcoat with?