Jag VS Mustang?


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Years ago (mid '80's), I borrowed a friends Mustang for a few
weeks and got a great sound and used it on a few recordings.

I really didn't thing it was much of a guitar until I spent
some time with it - and then, I fell in love with it. It was
just a simple guitar that was FUN to play!

Here recently, Ive been thinking of getting one for myself
and was told by a friend that the MUSTANG and the JAGUAR
share the same kinda pups. Is this true?

Having never played a JAG, I was wondering if the JAG has
the same tone as the MUSTANG?

Is it worth the extra coin to spring for the JAG?

What about specs? Do the necks differ?

Any pro or cons vs the other?

Please, any insights would be appreciated......TY!
they both have a 24 inch scales, some higher dollar jags have p90s, jags have some sortta weired eq and series/parallel switching.
they got a bad rep for having a shity trem. so id build one if i were you, and use warmoths improved bridge.

do what ever you want. personally im fond of the jagstang, (the best of both worlds, and invented by your favorite grunge artist and mine: Kurt Cobain)

you can get them routed for any bridge, or just go with the moded warmoth
I've never played either. BUT my two cents: Jag-stang is amazingly ugly, mustang is reasonably unattractive. Jaguar is beautiful.

that's just me
TY for your insights!

The JAGSTANG has WAY different pups than the MUSTANG and JAG.
That's not my thang.....

Also, WARMOTH has that cool modified MUSTANG bridge too.........

I wonder how many folks have built either a JAG or a MUSTANG?
there might be a couple drifting through the gallery.

there are a lot more here:
I have to call into question the comment about Kurt "inventing" the Jagstang.  If I am not mistaken a fellow by the name of Farrington (can't remember the first name, Danny, maybe)  might have made a prototype of this guitar and Kurt liked it, or some such thing, but I don't believe he was the originator of the idea.  Besides, is smashing two existing guitars together really "inventing"?  Anyway, I think Mustangs are very cool.  I had the opportunity to buy a sixties one for cheap, the problem was that at the time it would have been my only guitar, so I opted for a more versatile strat.  Kick, kick.  The short scale is not as much as a novelty as I thought it was then. Very musical sounding guitar that one.  I think my vote would go squareley with the Mustang, the Jag being cool and all, but I just think there is a little something about the Mustang that is more, I don't know, special.
he made it for kurt.
as farrington handed him the prototype, his wife asked: are you going to smash this one like all the rest. and he said no this one is a studio guitar.
i remember reading that  Mr. F had never made a lefty before, so he had to right this side up for all the shaping.

any way
he had it all pieced together in his journal before that, so one day he took it to fender, and sat down with the reps, he never had the final version, his had no tummy cut and forearm cut (he forgot to mention them i e fender should have included them) and he wanted a hardtail bridge, the reissue has a trem.  his original design had an angled headstock, with a weired v shape, and next that he wrote, or a large 70s strat head if this one is not possible.
don't ask me how i know so much, i get bored and do strange research.
in all the more resent concerts i saw,  he used his sonic blue one with a red shell pickguard.
it was on live and loud.
Sir Schmoopie said:
there might be a couple drifting through the gallery.

there are a lot more here:

TY Sir Schmoopie!

Damn! That Dog can hunt!
jackthehack said:
Dave Grohl was 95% of the talent represented by Nirvana

wow, where to begin, uh kurt wrote most of the songs, the other guys, just played along. now that said, both krist (bass) and dave were invaluable members. they could never be replace, dave is one of the best drummers who have ever lived, (right up there with bonham and moon), and krist is one of my favorite bassist. and i think they should have gotten most of if not all the royalties after kurt passed. but still  he wrote most of the stuff, and he even turned down a lot of daves songs in the proses. 
dave is my favorite drummer, i hate the fu fighters, but every thing dave drums on is made even better by his presents, Tenacious D, The second or third album from the queens of the stoneage, and probot.

its more like 50% kurt, 35% dave and 15% krist. btw kirst is now a hot shot lobbyist for musicians rights, or somthing along those lines, i think he works with JAMPAC.
Lets seriously not get into a nirvana / kurt cobain argument. More than any other band I can think of, if you like 'em they're absolutely amazing, if you don't they've got zero talent.

schmoopie in those pics you busted out what looks like a jazzmaster, one of the hottest guitars ever. But that has jaguar controls? Whats going on there?
no clue, there are a bunch of jazzmasters in the showcase, theres even a jag with three single coils, and of course the flamed korina telestang.
I want to stay off topic for one more second and just say that Grohl on drums is very impressive, I give you the Queens of the Stone Age album he played on for further evidence.  Monster drummer!
If I were building one I'd consider just using a vintage strat bridge. The jag bridge is a pile of crap and that string muting thing? Easily the worst thing Fender have ever done on a guitar. God knows why they still put them on, even the reissues should be saved that crime against guitars.

Leo was drunk when he designed the jag bridge.
Mustang is absolutely my vote, but that's only my opinion. But the Jazz and JagUAR are both very great shapes, once my favorite. I wouldn't dare to tell someone to go either way.
But no, the p/ups in the two are not the same at all. The Jaguar has non-slant units with some kind of noise shield along the neck and bridge sides of each. The Mustang has black or white very plain looking slanted ones.