Jack makes it to First Bass!


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Here it 'tis; semi-custom ordered by a good friend of mine. Sounds unbelievable; there are as many opinions as there are people, but to me the Rio Grande Muy Grande JBass set absolutely kicks ass the way a bass should; GREAT punch on bridge PU for slapping. Balances perfectly despite extra light body. I was going to originally do something different for the neck, but fell in love with the Bocote fretboard on this one and snapped it up as soon as it popped up on the RSS feed. Still have to throw on the string retainer and make a few final tweaks, but here it is in all it's glory....

Body: Warmoth Jbass; Quilt Maple on extra light Alder; Tobacco Burst Warmoth factory finish; Gotoh 204 brifdge, rear-route, all black hardware

Neck: Warmoth standard Jbass neck, 1.5" nut, 10" radius, 3A Birdseye Maple with 5A Bocote (Mexican Rosewood) neck, 6105 frets, Schaller BML tuners, Corian nut, MOP dot inlays, laser cut logo, shot with Fender Neck Amber and 8 coats of nitro lacquer (actually looks a bit darker/better than it's coming out in these pics)

Electronics: Rio Grande Muy Grande JBass pickup set, controls work like normal JBass config, "Jack!s Secret Sauce" wiring.




Those are DR "Black Beauties", not sure what they're coated with, here's a sales link, for some reason the www.drstrings.com site is down this morning:


I bought them mainly because they look hot on all black hardware, but they really sound great. Delivered the bass to it's happy new owner last night and he really liked them as well. The bass sounds REALLY good in the hands of someone who can actually play bass.
To quote a somehow trademarked phrase, "I'm lovin' it!"
I forget, does Rio Grande have covers for their JB pups?  Not sure the "naked" coils would look right on my build.
Also +1 on the Black Beauties.  They get great "pop" without the "sizzle" of plain stainless, if that makes any sense at all.
"I forget, does Rio Grande have covers for their JB pups?  Not sure the "naked" coils would look right on my build."

Nope; not sure if you could mod covers for regular Jbass pickups to fit, but they sound so good I wouldn't use anything else....