I've looked everywhere. Does this wiring diagram exist?


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Ok, please correct me if I'm asking anything stupid. As a bassist turning guitarist, the wiring for splitting is still a touch confusing for me. I want to wire up a two HB guitar with a 5-way (preferrably a rotary for aesthetic reasons, but a blade is acceptable), and I'm looking to get the following 5 options:

Neck Only
Bridge Only
Both HB's
Outside Coils Parallel
Inside Coils Series

I've looked through dozens of schematics and always found them to be just a little off of this. Is this uncommon for a reason? Is it a dumb idea? Is it possible? Will I just have to do a bunch of research and figure it out, or is there a drawing out there that I can't find?


I think i've seen it at one time  :icon_scratch: ... I'll look


I realize this is for 3way, but the ssp at the end of this string is series/split/parallel (the header on the page does'nt refer to the split.)
It should at least give you some hope it's probably out there somewhere
I'll keep looking


*note- notice the inner coils reference, and then there is the outter coils reference, and the series/parallel should be a push/pull  :icon_scratch:

my brain hurts now, see if you can make this work for you with any modifications you might see it needing.

A more knowledgable member can at least use this post as a launching pad :icon_thumright:

it's someone elses turn now. :hello2:


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This is how I wired my Warmoth:


I like this setup.  Simple but still versatile.


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Thanks for the links. I have seen at least one of those, but there's a little more info there. I may ultimately have to do a little more research and figure it out (which is not always a bad thing as it will increase my understanding).