Is this blue dye?


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Hi people
I was browsing the Showcase and found this. Is this blue dye as described?

It says so, but I see a greenish hue in the middle which I dislike. If I order a blue dye body it will be like this???

The effect is more pronounced in this one:
Really? I hate that green hue... :(
This looks so nice...
Depending on the dye..... some dye will break down into a sort of greenish and yellowish.  Don't ask me why.  The yellow usually gets muddy looking like brown on a rag.

If you take a rag or paper towel dip it in blue dye... you'll see what it will do under capillary action - as is found in wood.  To the best of my knowledge - metallic (dichroic) will turn from blue, to a sort of greenish, and yellowish (brownish or dark amber).  The aniline dyes seem to hold up better.  Remember, that aniline and metallic refers to the colorant, not the carrier of the dye, which can be alcohol, water, acetone, other stuff.

My BFG, and to a lesser extent, Vics BFT both showed some greening out, due to the nature of the beast.
yeah, Ive seen it happen a lot of times. there's a dutch ink, and that one wont fade out so much into green. its called 'waterman' ink. Dont know if you have it in the States too...
Yes, blue dye does take differently from wood piece to wood piece. We are a bit to blame for extending the range of what you see in the dye finishes because we were experimenting with our dye formulas. We've made dramatic improvements over the last few months and you will begin to see this reflected in the Showcase as the finishes become more vibrant and consistant.
Maybe it's my monitor, but I didn't notice any green hue, and that body looks awesome, I love the blue look. You could always put your Warmoth bumper sticker accross the green part
@ Gregg
Plz answer me this.
In about two months I am planning to make an order for a quilted maple-top / mahogany OR swamp ash body (plus neck plus all other things necessary to build a guitar) but I will need that quilted maple-top totally and perfectly blue (I understand there will be some variations in the intensity of the colour but I dont want this greenish or other colour hue). Is there a way to make sure of that or I will have to wait what will come out of the dying process?
You're good to go. Blue is as consistant as blue is ever going to get now. The ones I've seen coming out lately are spectacular. The higher grade top you use the better the dye takes and looks BTW.
I know that brown dye can shade towards green, unless you jack on it by adding some red. Blue can go either towards purple (red) or green (added yellow). I wonder how long it will be before Warmoth lets us choose our own colors with one of those little rectangular shade windows like you see in Microsoft Paint? :toothy12: