Is this a dye?


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I know it's a crappy pic, but can you guys tell if this is a purple dye or just worn paint?


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Looks like Barny Puke Purple Transparent,. plus wear... probably intentional wear at that (as opposed to coincidental wear).
Yeah the wear on the outside of the upper horn is a telltale sign of intentional relic'ing. I'd like to do a green finish similar to this other than the relic'ing part and was curious if it would end up looking like this (dyed).
You'd have a hard time getting any kind of dye looking opaque like that, or is the question about how to artificially "wear" the finish?
I wasn't really curious about the wear, but just if that could be a dye job with the finishing looking so opaque. After looking at it and reading your comments guys, I think it is paint just artificially worn down.
Lame.  Isn't the whole point of "relicing" to produce a somewhat realistic or non-uniform effect of wearing?  But then again, I'm not really into the whole intentional relicing thing myself....or barney purple for that matter...
how about this one?

bpmorton777 said:
how about this one?