How about a new place on the board where we can where we can introduce ourselves?

Myself, I like Lani Todd, Leo Fender, and Sir Benny Hill.

There's some REALLY big brains here, and I'd like to meet them.

let's do it here, untill it don't happen!

I'm Fernando Esteves, I'm 22 y.o., I work in operation of Oil refinary and I'm a amateur luthier (again, I was it some years ago)...
I live in Brazil... I'm building a guitar to a friend, I hope I end it before October 12th then I'll post some pics! It's a mahogany neck-thru neck Tele with Ziricote fingerboard and mahogany body with Spalted Maple top!
Cheers! :eek:ccasion14:
Myself, Im Brandon Bryan, Im 17 years old and im a student at Graham Kapowsin High School right here in puyallup Washington. im definately a big time lurker to this site. Currently I'm in the works for applying to Roberto-Venn.  i cant wait  :icon_biggrin:    i have an Ibanez RG and a cheapo squire, but im planning on making my next guitar one of the best! Warmoth Forever!  :icon_thumright:
  I'm Elliott Hart of Clare Michigan. I'm 16 years old.
The Bass is my weapon of choice, and i want to build basses for a living or work at a custom shop.
I have yet to start my first build do to finances which i won't go into. but I'm a free guitar tech for all my friends. 
My name is Gregg Stewart and I'm an alco.....uh.....guitaraholic. I'm 43 and work at Warmoth doing whatever it is that no one else wants to do.  ...And that works for me because my gosh, I get to work at a killer guitar factory!  :icon_thumright:

Gonna be Hard to follow Gregg

I am John, 47, Currently an IBEW supervising electrician, Wife 2 great kids

Did a couple years in the 70's as a Professional Moto-X racer for Team honda
5 years in the USMC  ooh rah! avionics ECM  EA-6B prowelers        VMAQ-2 Playboys
1 year of professional road racing motorcycles for honda, ended in a 120 MPH crash..............I was ok, the bike came apart like a cheap suit.
Self taught in guitar playing, wish I had wanted to be a rocker early on instead of a racer, I dont know any music theory, I just play by ear and wing it.
Though I have finnaly got good at it. after 30 years, I really wish I had taken lessons, maybe too late now.
I know more about guitars than actually how to play them, with that said, I can play eruption, thats a big deal for me thanks, and it sounds like eddie...
I have 4 warmoth builds under my belt, all are awesome and I wanna do more
I like the people on this forum, you are all great people    even CB    I have yet to feel the family atmosphere on any other forum as I do here
You guys would not believe how some of the other forums are, they bash each other relentlessly, it's uncomfortable there, you all are great, and no such thing as a dumb question here     

Gregg, I have 4 warmoth guitars, and..........2 -    5 gallon kegs of Home Brew. 1 ale, 1 lagger, Stop by anytime    oh yeh, I build guitars and brew beer

PS  I ocasionally take medication for a foot problem so If I get pissy in some post thats why, I am so sorry, most of you know I am not like that usually.
I'm currently living in north Seattle, but soon to relocate to Charlotte, NC. Prior to building basses I played semi-pro for years, have recorded in bands that had international distribution, and played my first 'Warmoth' bass back in 1986 after having picked the body out from a pile of bodies in Ken's livingroom. I recently found an old Boogie Bodies catalog in my bass memorabilia - have things ever changed since then!

By day I am a software consultant specializing in advanced composites engineering/manufacturing software for the aerospace and automotive industries. Prior to relocating to the Upper Left Corner a couple years ago, I lived in Boston and traveled 50 weeks per year consulting with customers around the globe (I filled a passport in two years!) Before that I lived near Nashville (but on business every other week in New Orleans) Before that I lived in ... you get the picture - I have relocated for work on many occasions.

Once I take off the company ID I am a bass builder on the evenings and weekends. I started off assembling basses from Warmoth parts a few years back, and expended my capabilities to build custom designed 4, 5, and 6-string basses from rough lumber. I apply oil finishes myself, but currently contract out my paint work to a local shop - this is just because my shop also contains my home's gas hot water heater and gas furnace - NOT a place to be spraying Nitro, eh? I'll be adding 3-axis CNC capability and a paint booth to the shop when I reassemble it in Charlotte.

I consider the availability of Warmoth parts to be a perfect match to my custom builds, as it gives me a lot of flexibiity when working with customers. For theose who want a traditional look and feel, Warmoth is just a phone call away and finished parts will be here in 6 - 8 weeks. For someone who wants something completely custom, there are several excellent hardwood shops here in town. In those cases where someone wants something that is more of a custom/Warmoth hybrid, I have all the tools and building know-how to get the job done right sourcing parts from Warmoth as best fits the specific job.

hats off to Ken & Co who allow all of us to build our dream rides without the need for a garage full of power tools!  :rock-on:

all the best,

I feel like such a young'un. I'm nathan (surprise), 19, of andover MA / yonkers NY.

By day I'm painting houses and going to school. By night I'm part of a folk-rockish duo; we don't really play live, we just play around for anybody who happens to be hanging with us. My first love - and obsession - is acoustic guitars and fingerstylin'. When I'm out of school, I'll be looking to apprentice under a luthier, or perhaps roberto-venn or something like that.

I'd also love to build electrics because they are the second love, though when plugged in, I'm more of a crunchy bluesy rhythm player than a hot'n'fast lead player. The warmoth site and this board have made it so easy to lose amazing amounts of time fantasizing and dreaming up projects. I can justify it though because thanks to everyone here, I'm learning, and that's always good, right?

I'm so glad to be part of such an wonderful group of knowledgeable and insightful geeks  :icon_biggrin:
OK, I'll chime in.  Eric here.  I work at Warmoth and review all orders prior to production.  If you've ever ordered a really expensive/unique body or neck, you've probably received an email from me!  I guess I'm also the resident bass-corksniffer......  or so the sales reps tell me!

Prior to joining Warmoth, I spent 20 years in the IT industry doing database development.

Evenings and weekends, I play bass or guitar and teach both.
Wyliee said:
I guess I'm also the resident bass-corksniffer......  or so the sales reps tell me!

eeeee-gads Eric, get a little vitaculture education dispensed to the sales reps there at Warmoth!  :redflag:

You don't sniff the cork unless you are an uneducated 'American' wine sluggard (as they would say at my company HQ in Europe) You do inspect the cork to see that it is moist beyond just the inside the bottle face, and that there is a decent seepage of the wine into the cork. This inspection is to see that the wine bottle has been properly stored laying on its side and that a good air seal has been maintained. You also visually inspect the cork to make sure that it is solid and not discolored and suffering from dry rot (which could easily occur if the bottle had been stored for long periods of time standing on its bottom like you see so many wines incorrectly kep at you local supermarkets) Improper storage invites the air seal to fail ... which allows the wine to become 'corked' and unsuitable for drinking (nasty tasting)

So keep your nose prints off the basses, please  :icon_jokercolor:

OK ... back on to the topic of introductions
My name is Bill Nelson, I am 31 and live in Denver, Colorado.

For my day job I work as a test tech at Cable Television Laboratories. 
For a hobby I build and fix guitars and guitar amps.
I'm CD. I'm 22 and I work for the evil Wal Mart company  :laughing7:

I enjoy playing the guitar and most of the time I don't play a full song just licks and noodling. A few of my favorite bands are Van Halen, ZZ Top, and Freak Kitchen. I am (very) slowly going about getting Warmoth parts to assemble but with bills I have it is really going slowly. :party07:
Hey Fellas!  I think this is a cool idea!  I am Gregg Ledoux.  I am from N.H., but I have lived in Raleigh N.C. for about 13 years now.  I have played guitar for almost 24 years, and have been in several "touring" bands (read that four guys in a smelly van playing for one to one hundred people across the country in equally smelly bars).  I am 34.  What I do for a job is not important because it does not define me as much as what I do when I am not at work.  I have two boys and they have more instruments than I do!  I love my wife, my boys , my guitars, and my record collection, though not always in that order!  I am in the process of building my first Warmoth, a hollow hardtail strat!  I am taking my time for financial reasons and to make sure I get it right!  Anyway, it is nice to meet you all, and i would like to thank rlw for the original post!
Hello Y'all

I am Marko, born in The Netherlands about 37 years ago. I lived in Ireland for over 6 years before I moved to Texas 4 years ago. I work for a large software reseller and have a 17 month old son.
The first time I ordered from Warmoth was to replace the body on my favorite Strat that got damaged in transit between Dublin and Texas. Since then I got addicted to it! I just ordered parts for my 5th Warmoth project, and don't think it will be the last! (my wife does:)) I do have about 18 other guitars that I plan to strategically replace with Warmoths ;)

I used to play in many different bands: Rock, Metal, Funk and Cover bands, but at the moment it's just me, my guitars and Cakewalk Sonar.
I like all kinds of music: Rock, (Classic) Hard Rock, some Metal, some Blues, some alternative Rock, Progressive Rock, etc.. Some of my favorite guitarists are Steve Vai, Steve Howe, Trevor Rabin (yes, both of them), Randy Rhoads, Ritchie Blackmore, and much more.

This is one of my most favorite message boards and have been following since day one (on the EZ board version)
m4rk0 said:
I used to play in many different bands: Rock, Metal, Funk and Cover bands, but at the moment it's just me, my guitars and Cakewalk Sonar.
Hey cool. Me and Spike (Warmoth sales rep) use Sonar Producer for our side project recording endeavors. Slick software.

This is a cool thread. Surprising really. It's amazing to hear the backgrounds of people you thought you kind of knew.  :eek:ccasion14:
Nathan, I never thought I'd be proud to be called a geek!    Thanks pal, right back at you :laughing7:

And I agree, very cool thread, Nice to read what the other "geeks" are all about behind the scenes, so to speak
Hi, I'm Tim.  I haven't yet built my first Warmoth, but it's coming soon once I decide on some things.  I'm a grad student at UCLA studying Applied Linguistics; language education and that kind of thing. I played in a garage punk band in my teenage years and am just now getting back into playing after a long absence.  I mostly play acoustic fingerstyle now but am enjoying electric more and more since I bought my '66 Melody Maker with 70's upgrades (Badass bridge, T-Top humbucker). Just learning my first recognizable Hendrix licks. Thanks everyone for making such a great resource not only for building Warmoths but guitar stuff in general.  Very interesting.
Hi Everyone

My name is Patrick, and I live in Davis, CA.  Hard to guess that one, but I thought that I would start there.  I am 34, have been playing all things odd on guitars and basses for 20 years and am currently saving money for the first of many builds.  I am a Biochemist that works on environmental stresses on Striped Bass Larvae by day, and trying to get those sounds in my head out at night.  More like trying to reproduce those sounds consistently.  I am usually just very curious about things.  I have taught myself enough about electronics to be dangerous to myself, and have some idea of why things are built the way they are.  The history of why current models ended up the way that they are is quite interesting to me.  If it isn't some obscure biochemical pathway, it is how to do something odd in musical terms.

The influences are varied but somehow it makes sense to me.  The Pixies, Hendrix, SRV, Eric Clapton, the Doors, Uncle Tupelo, Robert Earl Keen, AC DC, the Replacements, Husker Du/Bob Mould, the Cars, The Go-Go's, the English Beat, and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.  The list goes on and on, but that will have to do for now.


I’m Søren Bæk Vennegaard. I’m 25 years old,  living in Aalborg in Denmark. Professionally I’m a mechanical engineer, working as project manager on customized lifting tables for industrial use.

Musically I play guitars and bass. I play in a classic rock / blues band, playing a lot of ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, SRV and so on. Currently I use a US Std. P-bass with a Ampeg SVT-CL and SVT 810 E cab.  :headbang:

I don’t have any Warmoth builds yet, but I’m awaiting the parts the parts for my first project to be shipped. It will be a heavily Dusty Hill influenced first generation P-Bass with some modern upgrades… Can’t wait for it to arrive.  :hello2:

Rock’n’Roll  :eek:ccasion14: