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Allright, I gotta admit that waiting to see my parts is the end of the world  :tard:. I was thinking about it, do Warmoth send you and email just before they ship your order :dontknow: (I mean, once my neck is finished, fretted and put into a box to sent it thru USPS). I'm in Canada (east coast) so I expect 1-2 weeks delivery?

I made my order on july 31, guess I will get the goods around mid september  :sad1: Can't wait to see how the neck feels! If it's all good, im gonna order an exact copy of that neck for a second project (H/s/H this time!).
Hey man, I'm also in east coast Canada.

When they shipped my stuff, I didn't get any notification, but that may have been due to the type of shipping I chose.

Either way, I was very surprised when the neck came in weeks early, and the body came two days after that, so all I can say is be patient, and everything will work out.
I just received a jazzmaster body from warmoth that was shipped on August 14th and in my hands on the 19th ! I don't know about an email from warmoth, A buddy of mine bought the guitar and had it shipped to me from warmoth to finish it. I live in New Brunswick. I thought the shipping was very quick!
If you select UPS as your carrier, you should receive an email from UPS (their program is called QuantumView) with your tracking information.  Technically, Warmoth does not send the email notification.

Be sure Warmoth has your correct email address and if you have more than one email account, you check them all for shipping status.  It never hurts to double check your spam filter as well in case you have it locked down pretty tight.

UPS Express averages a few days transit, not counting time in customs.  USPS can take a few weeks, though it can be less expensive.
Warmoth doesn't send notification unless its UPS. However USPS airmail shipment does have a "tracking number" but you have to ask for it... They're technically not tracking number but does provide a point of reference in case the package got sent to the wrong country... like mines...
Thks for the info! But actually, how long does it take for a showcase neck to be fretted and finished? Thks again!