Interesting E-mail From Warmoth...

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I received this e-mail from Warmoth today.
I'm not upset about it or anything; just curious if anyone here has ever had this experience.

"It has been brought to my attention by our quality control lead that the Stratocaster neck, item #■■■■■■■ on order did not pass its quality control inspection and will need to be remade. We have re-listed the neck for production with a rush order but ultimately are expecting a 1-3 week delay before we can complete your order. Once production has completed your neck will be inspected for quality and packaged for transit. At that time you will be sent a shipping confirmation email which will provide you with your order’s tracking information.

Our deepest apologies for any inconvenience this may bring upon you and your project.

If you have any other questions feel free to reply to this email or call the number below directly.

Best Regards,

Brian Roossien

Warmoth Guitar Products, Inc.

Customer Service Representative
PHONE 253-845-0403"
No, but I've heard some guys that had it... It were just a few, probably less than a handful...

I'd be bummed because of the delay, but happy that they are doing it right. Not everybody stands like this on QC and I appreciate those who does.
I've seen that here before. It's pretty rare though.

I wish my gold top build neck I got 11 years ago had been inspected so carefully. My neck had an issue that no one (including me) noticed until I attached the neck to the body, and the fret board turned into a skateboarding quarter pipe  :sad1: :laughing7:
    I haven't experienced that with Warmoth.  I ordered a USACG neck last year and they e-mailed me that once completed, the neck's truss rod was rattling, so they had to start over.  The new neck turned out fine.
Well, it's a good thing they do such a close final inspection. I'll take a production delay over a QC return any day. They saved you time by catching the thing before sending it to you.
FernandoDuarte said:
...but happy that they are doing it right. Not everybody stands like this on QC and I appreciate those who does.

100% this! I bought a showcase neck that was Flamed Mahogany with a Rosewood board and a Flamed Koa headstock veneer, so a real one-of-a-kind thing, and it was held up in QC for over two weeks after I purchased it. I was sweating bullets! Everything ended up find with it and I was grateful for their attention to detail.