installing strat jack


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This may be a real dumb question, but on the 2 strats i've built i can't seem to get the jacks positioned quite right.  It's always really tough to get the cord in or out, there is always a solid "pop" when you insert or remove the cable.  Just seems like I have to apply too much force.  It's something that seems elementary, but I just can't seem to get it right.
You didn't ask a question.... but anyway, just rotate the jack a bit until it's easier to push it in
You are using a Switchcraft socket, right?
Rotate the socket, so that the part that touches the tip is at the bottom.
By the way, if you use the type with 3/8" threaded part, then the rest of the socket protrudes less into the body  :hello2:
Like they said...

And if the plug doesn't fit in with reasonable force, don't force it, take the jack out and realign.  You can bend the jack piece fairly easily and then it's never the same... trust me on that one :)
There can be 2 issues here:

1.) When installing the jack in the cup, ensure that the switch is oriented in a position where inserting the plus does NOT depress the switch mechanism against the wood; you can test this prior to screwing the mounting screws in the body.
2.) The cup installs "in the middle", i.e., the cup/socket more than covers the hole for it;s mounting. You need to center this in the hole; if you attempt to press it back against the edge closest to the center of the guitar you may hit wood on that side even if the jack is correctly adjusted. Again, test this before marking/drilling the pilot holes.