installing control knobs


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When installing control knobs, one of the most frustrating things a perfectionist runs into is getting all of the knobs evenly spaced off the pickguard/body. In some cases, getting the bottom edge of the knob parallel to the pickguard/body can also be a royal pain.

I utilize a piece of plastic about the thickness of a drivers license that is notched to fit around the control pot. Slide this into place, drop the knob onto the pot shaft, set it snugly against the plastic shim, and then tighten the set screw. Repeat for each pot until you're done. This also works great for push-on type knobs as well


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I cut a notch in a Jim Dunlop .73 nylon pick (thumb end) square the size of the flats on the nut (like a box wrench) and slide it on before I tighten my set screw. It gives me enough clearence for the dome nobs to turn freely.