I'm really diggin' this neck!

Bill in SC

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Please, someone jump on this so the temptation will subside! I've never tried a bloodwood neck. You folks like 'em?
BB in SC
I've never tried a neck made of it, but the neck I'm making now has a bloodwood fingerboard and it is smooth like glass when you get it sanded right!  And it is stunning to look at.  I'm sure it would be a joy to play on.

Not that any of that helps with the temptation... :toothy11:
yeah, when I was choosing, it was between that and wenge.  Will have to try that one on the next...
Smooth as Glass is right! and great tone too!
I would love to buy one again!
I should NOT have even posted this. ALL the replies make me jones that much harder!  :-(
BB in SC
What'd you expect, posting about a killer piece'o'wood like that.  just give up and pull the trigger :evil4:
That's why i started the thread yesterday asking why folks would spend $1000 on an exotic, when ULTRA HIGH quality exotics can be had in the $250ish range. Just look at the uniformity of the grain in the bloodwood. Super, super nice!
Bill in SC
Yeah there were 2 of the blood/ebony necks at that price. I was about to buy one when I found the maple/pau I went with. I missed the canary/ebony necks for under 300 or I would have got one, but I waited too long.  :doh: snooze u lose go for it.  :laughing7: heck u could always bay it if u needed $ later :evil4: I am a bad sponsor for anyone on the 12 step Warmahholic plan.
<heck u could always bay it if u needed $ later>

Outstanding idea! Heck Gregg already said you could buy stuff from them and sell it on eBay for a profit!  :)

<I am a bad sponsor for anyone on the 12 step Warmahholic plan.>

That's the truth if I ever heard it!  :)

Bill in SC

I just put one out :sad: I got one half burned down :sad: :sad: and I'm already reachin' for the pack again :sad: :sad: :sad: and I'm talking guitars here not cigarettes :tard: