If Fender made a tribute to pre-Fender acoustics


At least that was my thinking: a modern electric inspired by vintage acoustics.

Chambered mahogany body with a spruce cap and tortoise binding, two "staple" humbucking soapbars from Mojo Pickups, nickel hardware and a clear gloss finish. Fender American Pro neck with Schaller F-style tuners. Callaham bridge. The body weighs 4 lbs on the dot.



I'm curious how they do the lam top on the arm contour. Do they mold it to shape prior to attaching it?

I like the concept you have.

Lam tops are generally thin enough so that it will conform to the arm contour. I assume a vacuum bag is used for clamping, at least that is how I would go about it.

If a drop top uses a thicker piece of wood, the back side of it can be cut part of the way to create scores that allow the wood to bend.
mostly because i am penny conscious, i personally never go with binding, but damn, that binding looks worthy "insert thumb up here"
Like the staple pups. Been wanting a guitar with a staple neck. Being my P90 guitar is dog earred, haven’t checked out how that will work out.
It's alive!


I've done zero setup work so it still plays roughly, but the sound is superb. It's a real twang mobile, but nowhere near as thin as a Telecaster. I was honestly a little skeptical that humbuckers could capture the sound of the original staple pickups, but while these aren't 100% the same, they're a really nice interpretation of that sound. Just the right ratio of twang to beef, like good barbecue 🐮.

My one mistake was the vintage radio knobs. Brown hardware clashes next to black (it's more obvious in person than in the pics), and their narrow undersides expose the nuts underneath. I think I'll find some black Tele-style knobs to replace them.
I would go with knobs that matches the binding of I had the choice, but still, this guitar is truly beautiful (I found myself playing with the configurator to imagine how it would lokk like on a bass). GOM material for sure!

I may borrow your concept when money will allow me to do so... :)