Ibanez Replacement Bodies/Necks



I've noticed a lot of cats on the internet offering Ibanez bodies and necks, and I suggest Warmoth get in on the action. Now, I have absolutely no idea about licensing and the legalities of such an endeavour, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt.

Some things I've noticed that set Ibanez's apart...

1) All Access Neck Joint. IMO this is a brillant design, providing great comfort and increased access to the upper frets.

2) Their 'Sabre' and 'JS' body shapes. If you've ever played either, then you know they're some of the most comfy designs ever created. I can't imagine the complexity of programming these body shapes. I guess Warmoth could always start off with the RG body (simple) and work from there.

3) Neck Profile. Ibanez's thin, flat profile is a major selling point with most people who choose an Ibby.

4) 7 string models. I know, 99.9% of you think 7 strings are a fad, but there is still a large, albeit underground, community that is willing to get custom Ibby 7 parts for their own custom ideas. I should point out that their most successful 7 string guitars feature a 25.5" scale length.
I have an Ibanex RG, I dont care for the Jumbo frets (on any guitar) but the neck is sooo thin, I dont know how they even fit a truss rod in there.

It's got such a good feel to it, I can't imagine how Warmoth could improve on it, but I'm sure they will.  If they could make an ibanez neck with the same percentage of improvment as a fender style neck. The guitar would play itself.

Cool idea, but I don't think it could happen. I don't see Ibanez licensing out the rights to Warmoth.
Well this is what I get for not reading first...  :tard:

I logged in and sent Gregg a PM about this very subject, and I even offered to send one of my RG bodies if that helps.

I have no idea if Hoshino would ever license the headstock, but if Warmoth can copy the neck profile, then I will take it with a paddle headstock and cut my own.
I'd love to have a replacement neck with a thicker back for my Ibanez S series to see if it would help thicken up the tone a bit.
I have an Ibanez 540R (also known as the Radius model) which was the basis for the JS models. The body is very comfortable but I imagine it's hard to machine as it's so rounded. I would definately be interested in a replica. The neck profile is great too, thinner than the JS models but more rounded than the Wizards and other 'flat back' Ibanez necks. Possibly like a Warmoth Standard Thin?
It's on our list of things to do but new product designs are taking a back seat to order fulfillment right now. We're operating at full capacity.
Hummmm a RG with a little more rounded bottom (under the bridge) and a reverse headstock... sound amazing :icon_thumright:
I would totally dig it if Warmoth offered these parts.

My friend has an RG and i find it quite a bit easier to play than my strat(although it doesn't sound as geat!)

I love how the neck joint makes the higher frets alot easier to reach.

I believe that could be a good selling point for Warmoth
good ider. i would like to see ibanez bass neck construction options, the super thin neck and the countersunk bolt on heel. i borrowed my buddies just for those two things. but the pickups suck, and the controls are cheap, the bridges are descent, but i rather have a hipshot bridge.
and if they moved the bridge closer to the neck, they could make the neck a full 24 fret without the extension. (make the neck longer)

but an ibanezish G4 (with all wenge neck) would be the best.  :toothy12:
I agree with the pickups sucking but the original Edge and the ZR tremolos are some of the best bridge designs ever.
i meant the bass bridges, the guitar bridges are bad ass. the bass bridges are some of the better ones out there, but they barely  use them on the cheaper models. and i prefer hipshot any way.
would love to build an iceman with trem, bookmatched exotic fireburst top and a matching reverse RG headstock. Just sayin'.