Ibanez Edge Lo Pro in Floyd Rose cavity


I've read that an Ibanez Edge Lo Pro tremolo will fit into a Floyd Rose cavity. I would love to build my ultimate guitar using Warmoth parts and was wondering if anyone knows if this will work or has done it. I know Warmoth will route for the Floyd. Thanks in advance.
There's a pinned thread on bridge route compatibilities at Jemsite that might help:

In the case of putting a Lo Pro Edge into an OFR route, one concern would be that the Lo Pro Edge (like original Edge) is symmetric around the posts, extending equally far on both sides, whereas the OFR is not. The OFR is wider on the side holding the trem bar. So that side would definitely be wide enough for the Lo Pro Edge, but I'm not sure the other side would be, as it's pretty narrow. I'd check the Warmoth route measurements for the OFR (I think they post this info, but not sure if they give full dimensions for all parts of the route) and compare to the dimensions of a Lo Pro Edge. I'm doubtful that the Lo Pro Edge will fit without a little work, but if you're comfortable widening the route on one side by just a little, it should be pretty easy. I've done this with a Dremel to go between OFR/Gotoh1996t and Edge/Lo Pro in both directions. My results, careful as I try to be, will not pass for a CNC or factory route, even with some touch-up paint in there, but it works great and isn't a visible location when the guitar is assembled.
I wanted to do the same thing and did a ton of research back then. I ended up deciding against it because - while jemsite rightfully claims it fits - most people on forums have still made bad experiences and I didn't feel comfortable enough with my guitar building skills to troubleshoot problems related a floyd rose not fitting. I also asked Spike (Warmoth customer service rep) and he responded as follows:

That is an interesting situation as we’ve never developed a recessed routing for any tremolo bridges
not listed so, I believe the answer is that it isn’t something that we can help you with.
Note: One of the reps here dropped an original Edge trem into a body routed for a OFR and, while it fit, the block sat at a different length in the spring cavity causing major tension differences.
So, that might also be something to think about. Not all are drop in replacements.