I wanna fondle this guy's... things....


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I wish I had time for another/more hobbies, cause it sure would be neat to be able to do that. Some of this doesn't even seem hard, you just have to have a finished idea in mind before you start excavating. This below looks really comfy, and easy enough, even just starting from a Warmothian Strat or Soloist shape:


You just gotta be brave... gee, what could possibly go wrong?  :cool01: I want to strangle this, for sure:

You want to fondle this guy's wood.

That stratish thing does look comfy. Imagine a tonar finish on there!
To me, that guitar is worth the $4400 or whatever. These are the kind of guitars that i actually would be willing to spend ridiculous amounts of money on, because they are so awesome. The problem is i don't have any money :sad:

I see that he does a fretless guitar. :icon_biggrin:
I have been really curious about having a fretless guitar, since i play fretless bass exclusively now.
I've made fretless guitars the conventional way, and sustain on the unwound strings is a problem. My next project, if my brain doesn't hijack me elsewise, will be a fretless five-string baritone - I LOVE my short-scale fretless five-string high-C bass....


Five strings on a guitar too, for two reasons. One, because you can use ALL wound strings, they go down to .018" so you could hook up a set about .022 to .056 that'd work. You could do a six, from .018 to .070 or so, but those extra-fat strings just don't sound good to me. More important, to play chords on a fretless you need to be able to get two fingertips really parallel to each other, and five strings on a six-width neck would help. I'm sure Warmoth can make a baritone neck with the pegholes undrilled (better yet, they might drill the outer ones and you'd only have to drill three yourself). A five-string bridge might be a bigger problem, but still - it doesn't have to be perfectly intonate-able, just set to the right curve and adjustable for overall height. A machinist could make a SS bar that'd fit tune-o-matic posts. Many, many fretless guitarists use a sustainer by Fernandez or Sustainiac, or a Ebow. This is the mothership:



Glass and metal fingerboards are popular. Supposedly, any auto glass shop can cut, curve and polish a glass fingerboard pretty easily.

I have seen Ned Evett play his signature glass fingerboards.
How does glass work as a fingerboard? I don't want to end up with a shatter fingerboard, that's for sure.
I would imagine that glass would have a very very "plinky" kind of tone. The percussive sound of the strings hitting the board would sound like tapping on glass.

There was a guy on the Line6 forum that bought a brass fingerboard strat neck, and that turned out pretty well for him.

I briefly experimented with defretting a cheap acoustic guitar. The action was terrible, so who really knows, but the problem that i had was that my finger would sort of push into the board in such a way that i could not press the small strings down enough to get a solid note.
They would sort of vibrate around under my finger, as if i wasnt pressing down hard enough.