I think UPS April Fooled Me!


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Does anyone see anything funny in this shipping itinerary?

31/03/2009 18:00 ORIGIN SCAN
31/03/2009 18:09 DEPARTURE SCAN
31/03/2009 18:48 ARRIVAL SCAN
  31/03/2009 19:23 DEPARTURE SCAN
01/04/2009 2:15 ARRIVAL SCAN
01/04/2009 4:51 DEPARTURE SCAN
01/04/2009 5:03 DEPARTURE SCAN
01/04/2009 7:55 ARRIVAL SCAN
01/04/2009 9:39 DEPARTURE SCAN
02/04/2009 15:18 ARRIVAL SCAN
02/04/2009 19:18 IMPORT SCAN
02/04/2009 19:18 IN TRANSIT

I never realized Kentucky was between Seattle and Honolulu. Learn something new every day...

But the package is here in Hong Kong, so that's all that matters!
It's their 'hub and spoke' organisation at work. Your package goes to a local facility, from where it's forwarded to a regional facility. From there it continues on (toghether with shipments from a number of other local facilities), to a national hub. From there it goes to another national hub, then to a regional faciltiy, maybe again down to a local facility. It's a very carefully thought out system that optimizes the number of transfer points versus the number of flights / trucks. Your package may travel in the wrong direction for a while, but it avoids having a plane flying from Seattle to Hong Kong with just ten packages on board instead of one from Louisville to Honolulu with a few thousand packages. The concept was explained in the movie 'Castaway' with Tom Hanks. That movie will also make you a hundred times as grateful that your package made it safely to you.
whitebison66 said:
I just hated the idea of the stuff going any distance away from me as opposed to closer!

I understand that, but they do it so that your package will arrive sooner - which is probably something you won't be angry about.

The folks I knew in college that were interested in working in shipping were in complete awe of UPS and Fedex.  They would completely geek out over the whole hub and spoke thing.
"The folks I knew in college that were interested in working in shipping were in complete awe of UPS and Fedex."

Meanwhile, I was in awe of Keef Richards and Hunter Thompson... Worked out okay, I guess.


Superwide Fatback mahogany/ebony
Superwide Standard Thin purpleheart/purpleheart
1 3/4" '59 Roundback paddle head, maple/ebony, no dots
1 5/8" CBS maple/rosewood (for someone else)

Assorted parts
Purpleheart there looks goooood. I probably would have gone with pearl dots, but still, nice pieces!
That Purpleheart neck looks intriguing... I'm looking forward to seeing it on a finished guitar. I also wouldn't have thought of ordering it with black dots but i can see it working very well if you're going for a subdued look.
Actually I'm looking forward to seeing all of them on a finished guitar but that really goes without saying.