I love it when things come in under budget.

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I have an old acoustic.  A 1944 Epiphone FT45.  A grand concert size players guitar.  Made in New York.  And very much worn in.  I've had it since 2002.  Its a REAL instrument in every way.  

And sadly, with its age and wear, its in need of work.  The top was starting to bow upwards and subsequently the action was becoming painfully unplayable.  So I mentally prepaired myself for something expensive, set aside $1,000 and sent it off to the shop.  I figured it needed all sorts of work and was prepared to have all sorts of things repaired, replaced and rebuilt.  I didn't care about the price either, this is MY acoustic.   Do I think it'll take $1,000?  No, but I'm prepared to, if I have to.

I got the call yesterday from Keith George, the tech, and the news was good.  The bridge is separating (and split) from the bridge plate.  Its nowhere near as bad as I expected.  He's building it a new bridge and perhaps a new bridgeplate.  Otherwise its all solid, top bracing too.  He estimated $175.  Awesome.  

And even better, he checked its serial number with his records.  He last worked on this instrument before, back in 1991 when he fixed the bridge. 

Can't wait to get it back.  Its a magical creature.

Here's the guitar.

Nice!  That's a reasonable estimate too.  I've heard of people getting charged $400 just to reglue the bridge and pad.  It's why I bought the clamps to do it myself.

So.....$825 spare...Hmmm.... :evil4: