I just have to share my excitement...

reef n ale said:
so why not right here!  :cool01:

I just finalized my order today! 

WGD with Cocobolo top AND back. Flame Maple core! I'm getting Doug at Soulmate to bulid the Flame Maple/ Ebony neck with Purpleheart lams.

Now I just have to learn how to play...  :icon_thumright:

Sounds like a cool build you got planned, and Doug makes some outstanding necks. I have one myself, it's wenge with a ziricote fretboard...
That neck looks sweet!
Doug has been awesome to work with and he sounds totally into making this neck for me. I'm thinking I might see it by the end of October and then... it gets some inlay work!  :dontknow:

That is one flippin beautiful body  :glasses9:
I was really curious how that flame maple body would play with the Cocobolo top and bottom.  Never seen such a build.
All I can say is WOW...
Please keep us posted on her progress. 
:kewlpics: :rock-on:
that is amaaazing! I am not too crazy about the wgd shape (reminds me of wooly beards) but the woods are fantastic!!!!
Thanks guys! I'm so psyched for this project!! And I've just been informed I have wood nymphs to the left and right of the pickup cavities! Cool or creepy...I don't know?! lol
Quite a beauty!  :cool01:
The wood combo worked out wonderfully!  :headbang1:
I'm usually pretty ,"meh" on fancy stuff, but ths is...captivating...you win!

I see the hidden faces too!

Thanks guys! All of your kind comments make me feel good about my choices!!!

The green tape was what was holding on the control cover. I just stuck them on the bare wood. No real reason!