I got tele questions.....


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I'm going to get a tele body but I want prefer strat necks........is it a problem to put a strat neck on a tele?

Also is a strat neck entirely made of ebony going to be heavy.....if anyone knows how heavy compared to a maple neck please fill me in.


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Not a problem with Strat neck in Tele neck pocket,info here http://www.warmoth.com/guitar/options/options_guitar_neck_pocket.cfm
Especially with 22nd fret extension.
Ebony is heavy and definitelly that neck's gonna be heavier than maple but don't have an ebony neck to put it on a scale.
You can specify a strat neck pocket on a tele body for no extra charge if you build from scratch.
Funny I asked them about putting a strat pocket on my tele, they said they couldn't do it...
From website: "Warmoth offers either neck pocket on all our 6 string bodies. HOWEVER, bodies routed with odd pockets (ie Tele® pocket on non Tele® body, ect) are NOT returnable."

If you were asking about getting the pocket modified on a Showcase body, that CAN'T be done, you'll have to custom order the body.

As a practical matter, the ONLY time you'd have to worry about this is if you want to put a 21 fret Total Vintage Strat neck on a Tele body. ALL 22 fret Strat necks will fit a Tele neck pocket, the 22nd fret overhang will conceal the "gap" in the pocket.
Yup, I see this now.. And I did custom order my body..
My salesguy, said they couldn't do that....