I fixed the Wilkinson Wobble


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I made a new video today showing my fix for the wobble, as well as the retrofit with a floyd bar.

So it was wobbling, but that brass nut was still tight and hard to get off? And if that's the case what is different about it now other than the glue?


Well if you follow the previous threads on this topic, it was pretty much the consensus that no matter what you do it was IMPOSSIBLE to even move the brass nut to either tighten or loosen it.  Literally a year ago, in one of the old threads, Gregg tried one from Warmoth and completely fricked the nut up but still could not get it to move.   From there everyone with a Wilkinson sort of gave up.

What I did was I was proved, with enough elbow grease, you can actually turn the nut and get it off.  Once off, if you just clean the groove a bit and play with the nut it will go off and on with ease.

I’m still not sure it will hold indefinitely, but if it doesn’t you can still tighten it back, which you couldn’t before.  I added some glue just for peace of mind.  The glue is not holding it though,. it holds perfectly tight without it.

As for the floyd fix.   That was just an option I was testing out that I proved can work as a retrofit for the bar if you don’t want to run the risk of the wilky becoming loose again.    The floyd housing part fits in much tighter and is much more secure than the wilky. However,  the one thing about the floyd bar is that it sits just a bit higher than the wilky, which felt sort of strange, which is why I went back with the wilkinson bar.      So try it if you want, I just wanted to show it works, but it's all personal preference.