Humbucker for 12-string?


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Hi Guys,

Has anyone had any experience with humbuckers on a 12-string?  I can't find a lot of information and reviews out there on the net for this application to help me really gauge some recommendations.

I'm not a fan of the jangly 60s Rickenbacker sounds and this guitar won't be used for heavy blanket chording, but rather picking phrases and solos. I expect the 12 string to be plenty piercing enough with the octave strings, so I'm, after a warmer darker HB with a strong midrange presence.  Anyone recommend anything like that that will work well with  a 12?
i sugest a blade style humbucker, or a carvin style
I went the blade route on my Veillette, 7-string Hot Rails. VERY happy with it.

I think that just because there are 12 strings doesn't mean a HB with 6 pole pieces won't work.  I don't think it's necessary (or even advisable, if you're looking for a warm tone) to go to a rail pickup.

Feel free to correct me  :dontknow:

Edit: What the hell is that thing, RLW??