How many band shows do you play?

How many times in a year do you play with a band in front of a crowd?

  • 5 times or less

    Votes: 75 51.0%
  • 6 to 15 times a year

    Votes: 25 17.0%
  • 16 to 30 times a year

    Votes: 21 14.3%
  • 31 to 45 times a year

    Votes: 7 4.8%
  • 46 + times a year

    Votes: 19 12.9%

  • Total voters
SkuttleFunk said:
stopped playing a little under two years ago so I could focus on my building efforts

all the best,


That would count for 5 times or less!
Man you guys, you mean you just play those gorgeous axes at home???  You gotta get 'em out under the stage lights and roaring through a cranked tube amp!  We have a steady gig every Thursday, and we play at least 2 weekends a month, so I guess at the very least we play 36 gigs a year.

We get out about 1-2 times a month. I'd like to do more, but as fatherhood becomes more important, late night gigs become less important. 
I'd be in the 31-40-something bracket as I'm fairly active in the local church circuit as an on call musician.  I've played every weekend for the past two months and have already been booked for several each weeks in the next two months.  I might end up in the 46+ bracket by the end of the year if my trio picks up more gigs this year.
Around these parts, u can be really busy(like our drummer 3 bands) or do nothing. It is all up to where u are willing to play at and when u are willing to play.
Last year I counted 126 shows.
These included a UK tour, countless pub/club gigs, some weddings, some corporate stuff, playing with an orchestra, playing with a string quartet, and a few acoustic gigs.
It was pretty tiring, but totally worth it.
This year I'm cutting back, probably looking at 2-3 a month instead of 12-13(!).

FYI: My warmoth strat was my main axe for most of last year and it held up brilliantly :)
I had to back way off last year due to my father's decline and passing, but I fully expect to rev it back up this spring - things are pretty seasonal around here. I can probably pick up even more work if I can ever get Spermy the Imprecision Bass to start playing in tune, instead of wobbling all over the place. 12 tones? Only 12? Ha!


Warmoth forgot to put on the frets, and I didn't notice until it was too late!  :help: I actually have a fretted bass too, but I'm determined to drag Spermy up on stage and get it right - what better way? I did it with my scallop neck & my seven-string (try playing a rockabilly gig with a spiky purple-sparkle heavy metal guitar sometime :toothy12:) so I know it works faster than practice & prudence & reason & other wimpy insecure snivelizing.  :laughing3:
:guitarplayer2: :party07:
at one point between 2-3 times per month..
Right now, I am in a band with my PC and a copy of Cakewalk Sonar :)
My playing out days are well behind me, but I made up for it in the 70's when I averaged 3-5 shows a week in Galveston TX. I don't remember once being told to turn down, and we were pretty seriously freakin' loud. Amongst the amps we had onstage were and Ampeg VT-22, Fender Twin, and Sunn Model T. And that was just ME!!!!

And then came disco and Urban Cowboy, and that was the end for me. I'll starve before I'll play either of that swill.
I quit touring in 2002 as far as being in the secular market/club circuit.  At one time, we'd done upwards of 60 shows in 1 year.  In about four years time we had done around 375 to 400 shows all over the Bay Area & Northern California, partly into Nevada.
We playing Burning Man 98 with approximately 30,000 people in attendance.

Now, I only play on the worship team at least once or twice a month, we have over 1000 people in attendance between the 3 service.
Other than that, I record at home.  Sometimes I think of putting another band together, but it would have to be ministry driven & not commercially driven for my heart to be into it.
I had a band 20 years ago. We played out a few times, but I never did it enough to get the point where I enjoyed it. I like playing in the basement though. I would enjoy playing with some other musicians in a basement doing weird things, but I don't see it happening right now.
This last year has been the first that I have been playing out, and I have probably done around 40 shows.
Last night was the last show with the band I have been with the last half year, and now I am moving away so it will probably be a while before I play out again.
Ive been with my band for 13 years..we've done 3 paying gigs in that time. Dragging equipment around for $25 pay each isnt much fun so we do the tuesday night thing for fun in the garage.  One of or guitarists does gigs with his other band the Ron Gariffo Orchestra.

I've never played in a band, and maybe at my age, 48, it's too late. but I would really love to play at least one gig in front of a crowd before I die.

I'm a real late Bloomer, guitar wise, But this last year, I finnaly feel like I could play in a band, I've been playing 2-3 hours a day for a year.

My familly hates it, my friends think I'm EVH