How can a Gloss Tru Oil finish be brought back to satin ?


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Hey guys anyone ever taken a glossy Tru Oil finish and toned it down back to satin ?
I have a roasted maple neck that dosnt need a finish and I wanted to bring the Glossy Tru Oiled body back to a more subdued flat satin so they match better.

Is there an easy way to do this without stripping the Tru Oil and starting over ?

I thought I should ask before I ruined the Glossy finish that took some work to get to,.....I say this because when I was initially applying the Tru Oil I read about using finishing papers part way through to smooth out rough patches.

So I tried to do the level sanding thing part way through the finishing process using high grade finishing papers to sand out rough patches, and was freaked out when I saw what it did on only a small patch, I stopped and instantly applied more Tru Oil to bring it back to Gloss for fear of ruining what seemed a pretty good thing, if you like the Glossy look that is, which I did until I matched up my neck to body for the first time tonight and realized the guitar would look better if I can get the body back to a more flat satin look.

I made plenty of mistakes, possibly sanding too soon and for instance not filling the minute grain pores on the Koa top, not that I mind how it looks but as the oil settled it left the pores very obvious. So Im no wiz in the finishing dept. thats for sure.

I want to take it back to a flat subdued look like when you sand back a poly finish and it isnt obvious theres a finish coat applied because its flat but still smooth, is this possible ?

I appreciate any tips.
There actually is a product for that purpose. It is called Stock Sheen Conditioner.
I got the gloss off the Tru Oil finish, though it wasnt easy as I would have liked...word: Toothpaste as I read as a suggestion is a waste of time, did nothing....ended up going with the 90% consensus "0000 grit steel wool" and I used Formby's Lemon Oil Treatment as a lubricant while buffing with the steel wool, then cleaned it all up with a rag and Murphy's Oil Soap......but I must say..."your results may vary".... :laughing7:



There's also a product that brings it back from a matte sheen to gloss:  Your skin  :laughing7: