Hombre Gibson-conversion neck with Tele-style heel specs


Hi all!

I'm designing a body with a tele-style neck pocket to fit a Hombre, Gibson-conversion scale-length neck, with tele-style heel (which I already have on order).

Is anyone able to offer any insights on any of the dimensions below?
  • The distance from nut to back of tele-style heel (to help define wraparound bridge post position)
  • The height of the maple portion of the heel (not including fingerboard)
  • The radius of the corners of the heel
  • The distance from fret 22 to the end of the fingerboard overhang
I intend to use these dimensions to help me with the CAD work, but I will wait until I receive the actual neck and can swap out measured dimensions before beginning to cut the body. I just want to get ahead on the design work.

Additionally, if anyone has "best practice" advice for the dimensions and design of a tele-style neck pocket for a snug fit, that would be appreciated!

I would suggest doing some research via a Google search for Telecaster neck and body plans.
One way is to assume the bridge position will be same as it would be on a Fender body. However there are still some variables. If the bridge position isn't quite right there can be issues with the adjustment range of the saddles, which comes up from time to time.

IMO the best way to do this is to install the neck on a standard body using the correct string gauge, tuning and intonation setup, then measure the distances: 1) from the nut to the saddles for each string, then 2) from the nut to the neck pocket. Then you can find the ideal measurement for the bridge to be placed. I guess you were asking this incase someone already made a drawing to save the hard work! :)
Thanks; I’ve definitely been studying existing plans.

The biggest unknown before the neck arrives is the distance from the nut to the rearmost plane of the neck heel.

Since this is a “Warmoth Gibson-conversion” neck with a 24.75” scale length but a Fender style heel, I haven’t been able to find any documentation for that.

If anyone has a Warmoth Gibson-conversion neck (of any design) with a Tele-style heel, I’d love to know that dimension from nut to back of heel.