Hollow Ziricote Strat


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I've had this strat for a while. It was my first Warmoth build so it comes from the old board. I though I might re-post it since I saw some interest in Ziricote and exotic wood topped bodies.
I really like this one. The tone is great though if I could do it all over again I might choose a different body wood, no regrets though.

The body is hollow Mahogony, Zircote lam, white top bound. Rear routed, Wilky trem, an Electro Socket side mounted jack.

The neck is a Vintage modern build, Birdseye Maple with Rosewood board. 6150 Nickle frets, SRV contour, LSR nut, Schaller locking tuners.

The electronics are standard, The pic shows Lace Chrome Dome but those have been replaced with pups I have wound myself. (The only way I go anymore)

Overall it sounds just like I wanted it to. It's true what they say about the hollow characteristics. Playing loud reall brings out a lot with this body. It sounds terrific! The wood is darker in person.

Oh, you dirty man.  Do you understand what this is going to do to my wife and kids?  There are already tired of the word Ziricote.  How could you....ya big meanie?
Your killing me, you live within 5 or 10 miles and I haven't even seen, I mean played, your Blk Korina, now you pop this surprise on us, anything else your hiding?

btw i got a bunch of magnets  3/16 x 1"  and 1/4 x 1"      50 of each, and i have a few 3/16 x 3/4 leftover, getting ready to wind the ultimate set of blues pups
Just when I thought I saw all of how beautiful woods can be on a guitar...  Very damn nice!
Alfang said:
...anything else your hiding?

Ummmm.... Maybe, but I have to save that for another day. :icon_biggrin:

Yes guitlouie, I am mean. I remember when I saw that wood for the first time too. Just had to have it. In fact it's how I got led to Warmoth. I had this idea for a long time about a guitar I wanted to build. I wanted it to be hollow, only with a lot of small chambers instead of thinline style. I was researching building it and finding materials when I stumbled on Warmoth. I couldn't believe that they made exactly what I was dreaming of! So I hope you find a body that suits you. Which wood did you want for the secondary? There were quite a few ziricote lams for a while then they went away. If you see one you like don't hesitate to snatch it up.
Yeah, man that Ziricote is something else.  What I would love to do is a chambered Black Korina Tele with the Ziricote lam top, and I just think I would have to do a binding on top, to further delineate the two woods.  My only problem with that plan at the moment is that with two builds under my belt in less than a year, convincing myself that I absolutely must obtain this particular configuration in a guitar is just kind of a hard sell.  Not that it ain't gonna happen, just that it might be a while.  Anyway, thanks for driving me nuts with that beautific Strat. 
Man Troubled, that is one smoking hot guitar. As I've said in another thread, I'm digging Ziricote more and more. My neck for my cherry tele has a beatiful Ziricote board on it..