hollow tele control options


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hey guys,
just wondering how big the control cavity is in a hollow tele. i've noticed that u can do a strat control setup, which makes me wonder how big the cavity is. i would lke to do a v-v-t setup witha gib style 3way switch, but not sure exactly the layout that i want. so if i left it bare in the order sheet or whatever, would there be enough room for something other that just the standard tele v-t 3way in a line and the strat setup?
i like the swicth closer to the bridge pickup, and kind of an in-between setup (not as flat as a tele setup, not as angled as a strat setup). plus,  i like to keep my options open so i dont end up with a control layout i dont like. mainly because im a picky bastard.
anyone know anything about this?
It seems like the rear rout cavity is a standard size in all of the pictures of them for all the different bodies.  I think you'll have enough room to do whatever you'd like to do with the rear routed cav.