Hollow Swamp Ash Strat - Some Questions


Hi All
I'm a newbie, and have been viewing this forum for a while, while I was constructing my Warmoth guitar.
So first, thanks for all the wealth of great information and ideas you have been providing here, I hope I can contribute as well as take...

My guitar details are:
Hollow Swamp Ash with contoured heel
Green Burst/Black back
Quilted Maple
HSH Rio Grande Dual Calibrated Quinto Set
Wilkinson Trem

Angled Strat/Quilted Peg with same burst as body
Standard Thin
Black gloss finish
Brazilian Rosewood
SS frets
Planet Waves Tuners

And now for the reason of this post - Some questions, and being a newbie I've got lots, here are the main ones  :icon_smile:

1. The neck being finished with a gloss black finish, doesn't fit into the body's cavity. I assume this is quite standard, since the neck is heavily finished
--- Any tips for getting the neck to fit
--- I've read that getting a good surface contact between the neck and body is essential to getting a good tone. Should I sand the finish at the bottom of the neck heal (it is now finished with same gloss as the neck)

2. I've left the pot holes to myslef, since I like 1 vol 1 tone and a split/para/series switch to be located at my own convenience. I'm a bit worried about drilling in a finished neck, but my overall plan is to drill a very small hole using a dremel, and then use a Brad/Spur tool to finish. Any opinions/suggestions?

3 The pre-drilled holes in the neck are somewhat filled with the finish material, should I re-drill ?

Many thanks in advance to your replies

PS, I've tried to post pictures, but got message that upload folder is full, I'll try to post some as soon as this is cleared

OK, here are links to the pics, it's easier than figuring out a way to post the actual picts

The neck not fitting is no biggy. Just use a 3M block to sand equal bits off each side of the cavity BUT don't do sanding to the neck to make it fit.
Hey how cool is this place, thanks for all who replied, I'm feeling more assured already  :headbang:

All hardware is black, trying to keep this to a green/black motif (not the British Chocolate company  :icon_smile:)

Am I being thick, I don't quite understand what the picture means... sorry but I hope I play better than my DIY skills

Disregard that pic, it was part of a thread of how to scrape a binding if finishing a guitar yourself with a binding. I would NOT recommend using a knife tool to shave out the neck pocket.

It's easier to do using one of the 3M or other brand sanding sponge/block thing, use a #150 or #180 grit. Just sand a little back and alternate on either side of the neck pocket, DON'T just do it on one side or you can throw it off a little. Be patient, may take a while...
ashkara said:
Hey how cool is this place, thanks for all who replied, I'm feeling more assured already  :headbang:

Answer: very cool. Its a rare thing to post a question and not have a few good responses in 12 hrs max! It rules here!