Hollow Strat with Floyd Rose


I'm researching for a new build and am wondering about doing a hollow strat body with a floyd rose.  However, I am thinking some trouble could ensue with my abusive tendencies on a floyd in conjunction with a hollow strat body. 


Many Thanks!
Well, tell us about your abusive tendencies - you're worried about breaking the body, I guess? Maybe you should 'splain what you mean by abusive as long as it's family-friendy. btw, I personally have no idea how strong those bodies are but I'd assume they're good - the woods are great and construction is top notch.
abrupt pulls/dives and chopping actions, that's about the worst of it.  But ya main thing is the ability to withhold all this and more without damage.

plan with the hollow strat is decreased weight along with resonance and sustain (I understand a hollow strat doesn't necessarily mean more sustain but it will be paired with a CBS neck with a SRV or Wolfgang contour)
The hollow body should stand up to that treatment just as well as a solid. The central section is pretty much solid anyway and the hollow part is more a series of honeycombed channels than big chambers. It should be a beauty mate!  :icon_thumright: