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i just got my carved top soloist and noticed that the screw holes for the 3 way pickup switch are slightly off center from the switch itself.  is this going to cause me a problem?
If your switch doesn't fit and the holes do turn out to be goofy from what Warmoth intended to rout, you have the Warmoth warranty to fall back on.
I've run into this a couple of times myself, the "Megaswitches" all seem to be off too far to get them to line up properly. Here's how I "fixed" the issue, as you never want to send the body back and wait longer and typically the switch is always at fault anyway:

1.) Drill out and elongate the screwholes in the switch to line up with holes in body
2.) Stop by hardware store with the mounting screws and pick up nuts/washers to match
3.) Thread the screws through pickup mounting springs, then the drilled out holes then attach with washer/nut and tighten down.

From the couple of misaligned switches I've refitted this way, they're not "off" enough to try to drill/retap a thread into