Hipshot Ultralight Pre-drill?


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Gregg (or anyone else that knows),

I'm getting ready to order a Delxue Jazz 5 neck, and I don't see Hipshot Ultralights as a tuner hole option. Is there an upcharge for this?
It is not an option we offer yet unfortunately. You can order a neck without the tuner holes and drill them yourself though.
??? 14mm is basically the same as a 9/16" hole, right?

Hipshot Ultralights come in two flavors: 9/16" hole for the small 3/8" key, and 11/16" hole for the larger 'Fender style' 1/2" key. Here's a set of the 3/8" Ultralights I installed in a Deluxe 5 neck (with no mods needed)


For reference, I just calipered both the 3/8" key Ultralights and GB7's, and they both have an identical OD of 1/64" under 9/16". This being said, any 3/8" Ultralight tuner key should fit in a GB7 hole.

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