Help with Tele Wiring PLEASE!!


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I am in the process of building a new Tele.  Rear rout with 2 P-90's, one volume, one tone and an LP style 3-way switch.  The wiring diagram I am using is the Tone Rider circuit found here:

Here's my problem.  The diagram shows wiring the pickups directly to the 3-way switch.  However, the wiring channels for each pickup goes to the main control cavity at the bottom of the guitar.  The 3-way switch channel just goes from the switch cavity to the neck pickup cavity. 

Obviously, the pickup cables are not long enough to pull into the control cavity and the all the way back to the 3-way switch cavity via the neck pickup cavity -- and even if they were, the channels are not large enough for all those cable runs. 

So I'll pull each pickup cable into the main control cavity, and pull 4 wires from the switch cavity to the control cavity.  Now how do I terminate the 22awg wire (that comes from from the switch) to the hot pickup conductor???
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It would be better to use three lengths of braided shield between the switch and main cavity similar to those used in Les Pauls. This will ensure those runs of cable are shielded and have more resistance to noise.

To then join the relevant wires together you can twist the two together solder them and then use shrink tubing over the joint which is threaded onto the wire first (or insulating tape will do if you have no shrink tube). See photo below which shows battery wires being connected but the principle is the same.

If you are joining braided shield, you would need to join and insulate the hot conductor and then the braids.

BW_1 by stratamania, on Flickr
I might consider one of these...

...but I'm not sure if there is a good angle of attack.