Help With My Order (I Think I'm Ready)


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I've finally come up with what i think is everything i need for a complete assembly of my soon to be Warmoth explorer. Here is a list of everything i've chosen. If anybody notices any incompatibilities or anything missing, please let me know. I cant wait until this guitar is a reality. Thanx for reading!


Standard Options
- 4-Bolt Strat Compatible Neck Pocket
- 25 1/2" Scale Length
- 1 3/4" Thick Solid Construction
- Controls Routing: Default Explorer Control Options

Custom Options
- For Use Without Pickgaurd
- Pickup Routing: H-X-H (EMG Shape)
- Bridge Routing: Gibson Type Bridge Mounting  *Requires 1.5 - 2 Degree Angled Neck Pocket
- Side Jack Routing: 1/2"
- Mahogany Explorer Body (Left Handed)_______________________________________________$200.00
- Explorer Contoured Heel__________________________________________________________$35.00
- Rear Routed Hole For Small Single 9 Volt Battery Box____________________________________$15.00
- TonePros Locking Tune-O-Matic Bridge: Studs Installed Into The Body________________________$10.00
- TonePros Locking Tune-O-Matic Stop Tail Piece: Studs Installed Into The Body_________________$10.00
- Angled Neck Pocket: Big Angle (For Use With Gibson Tune-O-Matic Type Bridge)______________$10.00
- Finish: Solid Black_______________________________________________________________$185.00
- TOTAL - ______________________________________________________________________$465.00


Standard Options
- Double Expanding Truss Rod
- 10" - 16" Compund Radius Fretboard
- 25 1/2" Scale 22 Frets
- Predrilled Neck Mounting Holes

Custom Options
- Ebony Fingerboard .25" (6.35mm) Thick
- Nut Width: 1 11/16" (42.85mm)
- Back Contour: Standard Thin
- Tuner Holes: Schaller 11/32" - 25/64"
- Mahogany Explorer Warmoth "Pro" Construction Neck (Left Handed)________________________$229.00
- Inlays: Mother Of Pearl Dots_______________________________________________________$15.00
- Fret Size: Stainless Steel Fret Wire (SS6105)_________________________________________$20.00
- Precut And Installed Nut:  Graphtec Graphite__________________________________________$30.00
- Finish: Solid Black Neck & Peghead To Match Body (No Finish On The Fingerboard)___________$125.00
- TOTAL - _____________________________________________________________________$419.00


- Tonepros Locking Tune-O-Matic Bridge - Item #IG91 (Black)___________________________________$69.75
- TonePros Stop Tail Piece - Item #IG94 (Black)______________________________________________$62.75
- Schaller Mini Locking Tuners - Item #SMRB (Right, Black)_____________________________________$9.00 ($54.00 For Set Of 6)
- Gotoh Battery Box: Small Single 9 Volt Box - Item #BH1 (Black Plastic)___________________________$10.00
- Battery Clip - Item #BC_______________________________________________________________$1.50
- Humbucker Mounting Rings: Metal Flat - Item #HBRM1B (Black)________________________________$8.75 ($17.50 For Set Of 2)
- Jack: Deep Panel Stereo Jack - Item #DPJS1B (Black)______________________________________$8.00
- Knobs: Round Top/Dome Knobs - Item #RTK1B (Black)______________________________________$3.00 ($9.00 For Set Of 3)
- Neck Plate - Item #NP1B (Black)_______________________________________________________$5.25
- Neck Plate Pad - Item #NP1P (Black Plastic)______________________________________________$2.00
- Strap Holders: Standard Strap Buttons Set Of 2 - Item #SSB1B (Black)__________________________$3.25
- Pickup Selector Switch: Straight LP Switch - Item #SLP1B____________________________________$11.50
- Capacitor: .1uf - Item #CAP4__________________________________________________________$0.50
- Neck Screws - Item #S8 (Black)________________________________________________________$3.00
- Metal Logo - Item #M6 (Chrome)_______________________________________________________$3.75
- TOTAL - _________________________________________________________________________$261.75
I think you have forgotted I'm right hand, so you have to change it before send the order.... Ah and my adress to the shipping is: r Bassin Nagib Trabulsi........................................

Nice guitar!
Yes, i forgot to mention i already have my pickups...EMG's 81 & 85 (thanx Shmoopie). And NonsenseTele, the best i can do is send pics when i get it lol. Thanx , i know im gonna love this guitar. Anything else?
Looks good..

Except that you wrote 'mahogany' where you really meant 'black korina' and you wrote 'solid black' where you meant 'transparent'  :laughing7: :laughing7:
my address is...: ;)

just kidding, looks like a great project!
You don't need to buy a battery clip or a jack if you're putting EMG's into it, it comes with the pickups, just look at the EMG website.
Mapleg4 said:
You don't need to buy a battery clip or a jack if you're putting EMG's into it, it comes with the pickups, just look at the EMG website.

i believe the capacitor may also come with the pickups along with pre-wired tone and volume pots. also you may need a tall and a short pickup ring. the strings sit high on the bridge side and low on the neck side with a tune-o-matic. also might want extra wire wk1 $5.95. that's all i can think of.
yeah the emg's do come with the capacitor, and the pre wired 250k pots. They also thrrow in an input... btw ur set up sounds pritty wicked.