Help me name my new bass!


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Warmoth padouk P-bass (wide) neck with pau ferro board, Stew-Mac (Ebay) body, there's some tasty swamp ash under that veneer - I chiseled a square down to the ash to screw down the also-Ebay'd Gotoh 206 bridge directly. DiMarzio pickup with series/parallel switching, to a big ol' 500K Ohmite vintage volume pot - it's the kind you'd find in an old ShoBud volume pedal, good for 1 millions turns as opposed to a CTS pot's pathetic little fifty thousand turns. It's a real straightforward tool, I was a demon bass pIayer 30 years ago but I know it's going to take some hard work to get my intonation and tone whipped into shape. I wanted the pickguard to be biologically-themed, here's a closeup also featuring the Knob of Doom:


Oh Grandmama! What a red neck you have!


Because the pickguard so resembles a tadpole hanging a left turn, the first obvious name would be:

:toothy10: Tadpole Louie :toothy10:

However, also in the running is:

:hello2: The 'MoebaCaster :hello2:

And the leader in the early bass-naming caucuses, and perhaps the inevitable winner:

:blob7: Spermy, the Imprecision Bass :blob7:

I was gonna say something about spermies even before I saw you were already 'considering'. Definitely seed-related.

"The Spermcaster" could have some fun implications.
Just give it some bluesy woman's name, like Rhonda or Minnie or something.
Very nice.  Creative pickguard.  Not too thrilled about the wood knob.  Is that a dresser drawer handle?