Help me decide on Piezo tremolobridge



I want to build a Warmoth VIP guitar.
It's gonna be a HSS tremolo equiped one and I like to add the piezo option too.

The likely contenders are :
- LR Baggs X-bridge
- Fishman TSV
- Fishman VMV

First things first...
What are the differences between the TSV and VMV?
Can't find the info on the fishman website.
What's better to install?

Do Warmoth has a bridgerouting option to accomdate these bridges?

Oh yeah....
I don't like the graphtec option with all those loose wires!


Didn't you look at the pictures? TSV is 2 point requiring studs, VMW is drop in for 6 hole Fender std. bridge routing. The VMW will fit in the std. 6 hole vintage route, check the diagrams on TSV

As to which way to go, I have no idea, I might try doing one in a Thinline or L5S sometime in the future, but will do a TOM type rather than a tremolo bridge, sure there's a couple of people here who've tried them and know better...
Order your VIP with the standard Fender 2-hole tremolo rout and the TSV is supposed to fit. I've seen this in person and it looks good, it's a bit weird because the piezo is just a tiny section where the string contacts the top of the saddle. Haven't used any of these, but I'm liking my Graphtech and may have to put it in a new thinline build....
Thanks guys for the quick replies....

So Tfarny.....
If I understand your reply correctly you've seen a VIP with a Fishman TSV?

If the owner also a forumite?

No, I just read the .pdf on fishman's site and compared it to the dimensions an Warmoth's site. If Fishman claims it fits a standard fender 2-hole, and warmoth routs for a standard fender 2-hole, it should work.  That's about as good as you'll get.  I don't think there are any piezo people here besides me.
Oh, I missed something - I've seen it but not installed on a guitar.  I thought it looked well-made. Does that clarify?
Yes thanks....

I've found a dealer that delivers the fishman bridge with a 30 days money-back questions asked.
So...suppose the Fishman doesn't fit.....