help!! am gonna order my first bass


hi, i want to build my first bass and am completly daunted my the whole thing. my aim is to build a replica ao another bass ive seen. i want to order the body and neck all completly finished i.e fretted and painted but am not sure how exactly to do this, and i want a flamed maple bookmatched top with matching headstock, how do i make sure i order this?
any help would be much apreciated.
ben  there's a spot for veneer.  there's a spot for top wood.

any more questions, feel free to ask.

or if theres a show case body or neck you want just click buy and all options will be given to you, except tops and veneer, you'd have to choose them with it already on.
thanks, does anyone know evrything ill need to have done in order to order a completly finished neck and body.
uh, finish, tuners, frets, nut, inlay, fretboard wood, and neck wood.

they install every thing but the tuners, the only nut they offer is corian, but its good for the non discriminate. i don't think the mention any nut options, but if you give them a call they'll cut you one.

oh yeah and the peg head veneer, but thats included in the order form.

and for the body,  wood, shape, routing, bridge, pickups, wiring, but let me clear this up before going any further, all they do is the shape, routings woods and finish, all the rest is up to you, im stating labor and parts. you will need to get all this hardware:  bridge, neck screws, (the control cover is included with the body), pick ups, knobs, pots and wiring, battery and preamp (if so desired). strap nuts, and i think thats it.
but as far as warmoth goes, they will cut and shape the body, route for pups, bridge, neck, and controls, top wood, paint and, and some models they do additional carving, and the optional battery box route. it seems like a lot, bu just give them a call and they'll set you up.
hi, yes i want things like a pinstripe seperating the top wood from the core body wood but dont see where i put this in the order form?
and also do they do a option where i could have a bookmatched top and back over the core wood?
no back cover. i the order form in the notes box (I think) just say you want the pinstripe, and add the price to the total, but i would call them and ask where to specify.