Having second thoughts


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I ordered my canary neck with 11/32 Kluson tuner holes, but I'm not sure that I made the right decision.  I still haven't ordered my tuners yet.  When it arrives this week, I'm seriously considering re-drilling the holes to 13/32 and ordering some Planet Waves.  I pretty confident I can do it accurately and cleanly on the drill press.  However, I am still paranoid about trying this on an exotic wood neck (nearly $400 worth of neck)!
A drill press is one way, you have to watch the wobble when drilling out previously drilled holes. Use some scrap wood behind the neck to minimize splintering, a new/sharp bit and hold on tight.
You might want to try a reamer. you only need 1/16 larger hole.
It will be worth it, the PW's are great tuning machines.

I hadn't thought of using a tapered reamer.  I was thinking about ways that I could clamp the headstock down on the drill press table, or make a jig to use a hand held drill.
DO NOT DRILL existing holes.

If you MUST, plug the holes and redrill or you're going to splinter things.

Instead... REAM the holes by hand, using a tapered reamer.

or, do the right thing and use the kluson style ones
Thanks for saving me from cognitive hell, and potential disaster, CB.  I'd better stick to the KISS principle on my first build.