Has Anybody Seen Warmoth's Amber Dye


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I see two very different color samples representing Warmoth's Amber Dye


One is more yellow/orangy and the other is more brownish red.  I'm wondering what I'd actually get if I ordered the Amber dye.  Has anybody seen the real thing?
Looks to me like that's the exact same color, but different lighting. If there's anything I'm sure of this regard, it's that when you get it, it usually always looks better than the pictures on the website; most everyone here has reported that....
Now I'm looking at those 2 pictures on a Windows PC and they do look much more similar than they did on my Mac.  On my Mac, the top looked so much more yellowish.
I see the same colors in both bodies    one direction of grain displays a darker color than a diferent grain. 

So what I see is two different grain paterns in the two bodies    like apples and oranges

Imagine how few awesome figured pieces of wood end up as guitars,  I bet  bunch of nice wood ends up in some farmers burn pile around the world somewhere. or turned into a pallet to ship stuff on.