Guitar techs in the SF Bay Area...


I'm totally not cool enough to do a fret level on one of my guitars... does anybody know of a good tech in or around San Francisco, CA? My old one left and I have no way of contacting him... Any info much appreciated. Thanks!
Send me an email and I'll get the best I have run into in the past 30 years.  I'm not sure he would want me  to post his name and number in a public forum but I'll get it to you on an email.
you might try C.B. Perkins in San Jose. there also is another guy that Guitar Showcase had sugested to me once he is also in San Jose. Im not home right now . when i get there i look for the paper.

i lost the info on the other guy in San Jose.

Griffin is the place that Frank Ford runs..CB has mentioned his name in several posts. Should be a good place to get a fret job at. they had a lot of cool stuff there too the last time i was there

gryphon has a pretty good staff of guitarsmiths - frank does work there, and oversee's all the rest of the repair work, not the cheapest, but none better...unless...... you want the neck Plek'd.    Thats about $300, and whoa baby....

Also, is it a new neck?  Why does it need leveling?  Maybe set up only?  Or cleaning finish from frets?
You can go catch fish for a man everyday and feed him, or you can teach him to fish.

why dont you study up and get the tools to do it yourself.  Your inability to work on your own guitars at any level is a matter of education.

With the knowlege you can dress a neck as good as anyone, with experience you can do it in a timely manner. so take your time.

The amount of money spent on two trips to the so called expert, will pay for a new neck if you screw it up. So educate yourself on fret dressing. And setup

Even if you still want someone to do your neck now, you should start preparing yourself now for the next one.