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Anybody used the Guitar Grimoire books?  I'm a relatively weak guitarist and I'm always trying to get better, so I recently impulse-bought the "scales and modes" book, and it's pretty intense.  Anybody used these books with success?
These have been around a while, and there are actually a couple different versions, with different authors.  I Had the scales and modes one way back when I was in high school, and I really have got to say that when I first got it, I would just go through and pick out a scale pattern and play through it, trying to get it under my fingers, so to speak.  A bit later I actually read the thing and tried to follow the logic of it and, man, it was like someone pulled up the blinds and let the sun shine in!  I finally started to understand how chords and scales all related to one another and to the wide world.  I'm sure there are some nay-sayers out there, but that book there, at least the version that I had (actually I've still got it) is probably the single most important piece of my musical education.  Don't worry too much though if everything doesn't immediately sink in, it's like making tea, you gotta let it steep for a while....
Its a series of books.  They use the circle of fifths as their logo. Probably because it looks quasi-satanic.  It's a pretty "metal" cover, but the book is very serious.
Guitlouie, ty for that response. I have seen that (those) book many times, and it's all greek to me, I am totally self taught and am therefore lacking bigtime in theory and whatever connects what to what. At almost 50 it seems too late to try, but maybe not.  If I could get to the next level of playing i'd actually be pretty good.

I might check it out and see if my lights come on
Right on, man, it is never too late.  I literally had that book right there for years before I told myself that I was going to tackle it in a serious way, but when I did, it made a world of difference. 

on a similar subject, does anybody know what the 'learn to shred in 10 minutes' courses are that you see on ebay all the time? I always assumed they are just a scam..
Well I added the 10 minutes myself. :) I think it was within a day or so.. still something quite unbelievable anyway :)
I have The Guitar Grimoire Volume 1 (Scales/modes) and Volume II (chords).  Recently, I have been referring to them quite often.  I am very weak on theory and scale positions, and these things help me see the light anyway.  They are very intense and full of info.
If you are into learning classic rock and blues (ala - Trower, SRV, Clapton, Hendrix, AC/DC, Skynyrd, etc), I highly recommend this guys DVDs on eBay I have a lot of his DVDs and have learned a ton from his work.