Gotoh Wilkinson trem


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I've been doing some research - which model is Warmoth's Gotoh Wilkinson trem?  The VS100G?  VS100N?  Is there a difference?
I was told the cheaper Mighty Mite version has different dimensions and may not fit the same studs that are installed for the VS100n. not sure if that is the VS50 or the 100g
I am happy with the bridge so far.
When I was ready to build, I looked around the internet at some different choices in bridges.
I had owned a few floyd guitars and I wanted to go without locking down the strings.
I found out about the Wilkinson VS 100C (convertible), and I found one on ebay (they are not for sale in the USA).
This is a version of the bridge that locks when the bar is in the down position. When you rotate the bar, the bridge floats.
The problem is I could not get the guitar to stay in tune.

After setting up the guitar with the new bridge, I think the old bridge may not have been the problem.
First of all, I did not have the nut high enough.
Secondly, I think the converitable would work better on a recessed guitar. My strat has a non recessed rout.
One thing is the Warmoth bridge has bigger bolt heads for the saddles. I currently have it dive only and it is working good.