Gold input jack ?


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What's your guys' takes/experiences with this?  Does it really pick up less interference or "better" signal?
I would say if you are doing gold hardwear, go for it. If not, dont worry about it...lot of hype about gold audio connectors.

I'd say it would have no impact. Its like everything: as long as your guitar is properly wired with good quality components and grounded correctly interference or hum should never be a problem anyway.
silver is the best conductor not gold. copper after that. on that note i wonder why not silver plated conectors?

gold is purely cosmetic but may be better than the chrome plating on most cables(on a basis of conductivity) and corrodes less than copper.
honestly no audible and probably no measurable diference. there are many location for interference to enter the guitar, if it's sheilded well and no loose grounds you'll have no problems.
if it's not sheilded well then all the gold parts in the world wont help you.
i didn't think silver tarnished that bad but i don't wear jewlery. the only silver i work with is in solder where it's alloyed with other metals.