Gilmourish Tele


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Here is a recent build, which is reminiscent of a Gilmour Strat; a nice Sonic Blue alder body, with a Fender American Deluxe neck. Basically this is the same EMG setup that is available loaded in a Strat pickgaurd. I picked up this setup separately, and everything fit nicely without much additional work. I only had to add an additional hole in the control plate for the second tone control. Man, I just love Sonic Blue, and this is one of my go to guitars these days.


More details, though. What body wood, contour, switching options, etc...

and the only thing I would change is the pickup selector tip. They make white barrel tips that would work nicely.

Thanks for the comments... Max, I like your idea of using a Tele pup switch knob. So, particulars are; standard 5 way switch, volume, middle knob is the EXG control, which once set, I don't change that often. Last knob is the SPC control, which fattens up the single coil pups for leads. I put this on the out side of the control plate for easy access. Pups are SA in the neck and middle position, and a RTC in the bridge position. Body is alder, with a tummy cut on the rear. That's about it. Thanks!
oh yeah that is sweet! you made some cool choices on this for sure :icon_thumright:
Is this one that Esquire on the gallery on Warmoth site or just a twin? want pics of the esquire!
Thanks for all the great comments, much appreciated. Yes, this is the Tele that I first put together as an Esquire, with the neck and mid EMG pups under the pickgaurd. It is posted on the Warmoth Gallery, good catch! I wasn't really happy with the balance output on the pups due to differing heights. I am thinking of trying again with some small attenuation pot for the bridge pup only to even the output of all 3 pups. I would hid it under the control plate once set. Here's a pic of how I originally put it together. Let me know what you think.

I've wondered how well that would work.

Looks awesome either way, but I'd imagine the pickups wouldn't sound nearly as good that far away from the strings (under the pickguard)